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Free MoliCare Samples

Free MoliCare Samples

Hartmann Australia are giving away free samples of their MoliCare products. The MoliCare range is for those with incontinence. Before you can order a sample, you need to participate in a short quiz. You should answer the questions, and they will provide you with a list of products suitable for you.

You can only order two samples. This can be two of the same product or two different ones. There are lots of products on offer including, pads for women and men, pull-ups (these are like underwear), all-in-one (pads with tabs), and fixation pants (can be washed and are reusable).

To get your free samples, click the button below to visit the Hartmann Australia offer page. Follow the instructions and order up to two samples. Your samples will then be delivered to your door.