The Best Ways to Make Money Online from Home in Australia

Many of us have free time whilst at home and love the idea of earning some extra money online while we watch the latest TV series on Netflix.

In this guide we walk through some of the best ways to make extra money from home in Australia. This guide is tailored specifically for our Aussie users, so don’t worry you won’t be wasting time on ideas that don’t work in Australia. πŸ˜…

Our Top 7 Ideas to Make Some Extra Cash

Below are our favourite methods to make money in Australia. Setting up a few of these could mean you have several new income streams coming in every single month. This guide really can make you hundreds of dollars if not thousands if you follow all the ideas!

Online Surveys

A great method to make money online easily is to join popular survey sites. Online survey sites are extremely popular among WOW Freebies users.

By signing up to the biggest sites they will regularly send you surveys via email and you will get free gift cards for taking part in the surveys. The more sites you sign up with the more you can make from surveys. Just be careful though as some can really undervalue your time and offer poor payouts for how long a survey takes to complete.

Some of our favourite survey companies we recommend are: NielsenIQToluna Influencers and YouGov.

Want more survey sites? You can check out all of the best ones right here.


Sign up to P2P Lending Sites

If you have cash saved away in savings accounts or just sitting in your current account you could potentially be earning rates such as 6.5% per year when investing it on P2P Lending Sites!

P2P Lending sites make it easy to lend your money to consumers, effectively cutting out the bank. Meaning you get much higher returns.

Websites like Plenti make it simple to manage your loans, automating most of the process including reinvesting repayments and having the ability to have early access to your money even if it’s not due to be repaid (for a fee though). Due to this Plenti is one of our favourite passive income streams.

Australian Dollars Image

Start Freelance Writing

Becoming a freelancer writer is easier than you think, thanks to online marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork you can easily find content writing work from companies all around the world.

Use tools like Grammarly to help ensure your grammar and spelling is A*, with tools like these grammar mistakes can become a thing of the past.

Start a Website & Utilising Affiliate Marketing

Start a website about something you are passionate about and you could start making some big money. So start a website all you need is a domain name and web hosting. It’s possible to start a website for less than $30 a month. Platforms like WordPress which are free make it easier to design and run a website.

Then to monetise your website you can utilise affiliate networks (just like this website does!) to connect with you advertisers that are looking for leads and sales to their business.

Keep in mind this money making method is the hardest on this list and also the most time consuming but its also the method that could make you thousands of dollars if done well!

Cashback on Your Everyday Shopping

There are a couple of ways to earn cashback on your everyday shopping, one method you might already be aware of is to get a cashback or rewards credit card from a company like American Express. Each time you spend on your credit card you will earn points that can be exchanged for vouchers.

Another method that many people in Australia still don’t know about (but is very big in other countries) is cashback shopping websites. These list thousands of Australian retailers and if you go through the cashback website you could get up to 30% back on your spend, much higher than rates you will get with reward credit cards. You can also pay with whatever method you prefer.

Popular cashback sites includeΒ ShopbackΒ and Top Cashback.

Girl getting cashback

Take Part in Free Competitions

Not a guaranteed way to make some extra cash but entering free competitions doesn’t cost anything but time. The more competitions you enter the more chance you have of winning some awesome prizes!

You can find a ton of free to enter competitions on WOW Freebies here. We regularly update this list so check back often for more free competitions.

Plus if you really need the extra dollars you could simply sell the prizes you win on popular platforms like eBay.

Man celebrating winning

Save Money By Reducing Household Bills

Whilst reducing your household bills won’t strictly give you a new income stream what it will do is help you have more money to spend on luxury items or to invest in things like P2P lending that we mentioned earlier.

Regularly reviewing your household bills is key to saving big money. Companies nowadays don’t reward loyalty and when a contract for a service is ending you should look around to see if you can save money by switching provider.

Right now you could save up to $224 by switching your energy supplier to OVO Energy if you are not already with them. You can also find a ton of other money saving offers on WOW Freebies right here.

Calculator for Household bills

Register on Product Testing Sites

You can register for free with many product testing websites and if you are selected they will send you free products to test and review. After you review them they will usually let you keep them for free! You can then sell the products if you don’t need them, to make some extra cash.

You can find a range of product testing opportunities on WOW Freebies.

We hope you found this Australian money making guide extremely useful. Seeing so many ideas can be overwhelming but if you aim to just setup one of these money making ideas today you could potentially start to have an extra income coming in regularly.