Offers to Get Free Gift Cards in Australia

You may have heard or seen online that there are genuine ways to get free gift cards online. It’s true. Companies in Australia are offering rewards in exchange for your time online.

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There are a range of ways you can get rewarded for you time! Some companies will reward you with gift vouchers for letting them see the types of websites you visit or for playing games online. Survey sites will reward you for your thoughts and opinions. There are even companies willing to give you free gift vouchers for scanning household items you’ve recently purchased. These are just a few of the ways you can often get egift cards.

Our Favourite & The Most Popular Gift Card Offers

The offers available often change though; you can see an up-to-date list of what is available below. WeΒ recommend coming back here regularly to see the new range of gift card offers available.


What kind of gift cards can I get?

Every offer listed above will have a different range of gift cards available for Australian stores. It’s common though for sites to offer gift cards for PayPal, Google Play, Amazon, Target & Coles.

Can I find any more offers like the above?

If you are not only looking for gift card offers you can see a list of online survey sites we have compiled here. These often offer gift cards or cash rewards for completing surveys.

Why has WOW freebies put this list together?

Many of the offers above are affiliate links. We may earn commission if you sign up or take part in the program above. To offer a great service we will often list offers on the WOW Freebies website though that we earn no commission from.

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