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Win a Pizza Hut Large Pan Pizza

Win a Pizza Hut Large Pan Pizza

In celebration of 60 years of the Hawaiian pizza, Pizza Hut is giving away 1,000 pizzas every day at 4 pm. The number will increase to 5,000 on Hawaiian Pizza Day on the 20th of August. If you win a pizza, you will receive a Pizza Hut coupon for a Large Pan Pizza for Online Pick up only.

When you complete the form, it will unlock a game where you could win a Hawaiian shirt or a family trip to Hawaii. You will also be entered into the draw to win the trip if you buy a Pizza Hut Hawaiian Pizza.

To be in with the chance of winning a free pizza, you need to click the green button below. Once on the Pizza Hut website, you should fill in the form from 4 pm AEDT. You will then be entered, and the first 1000 people will win a free pizza. While on the website, you can also read the full terms and conditions for this pizza promotion. Who could say no to free pizza, enter the giveaway today!